Walk, Hike, or Run on the Lake Geneva Lake Shore Path

This past weekend I had the opportunity to final enjoy walking the Lake Geneva Lake Shore path with my husband. If you haven’t walked the trail yet, let me tell you… you are missing out. The trail not only leads you through the lawns of some of the most beautiful mansions in the Midwest but it’s also great exercise on a nice day.


Stretching 21 miles thru the backyards of beautiful mansions, the Geneva Lake Shore path is a must for any local or visitor to experience all year long. Early Lake Geneva settlers decided that the 20 feet of land leading up to the shoreline should be public domain, which created what is now the path that walkers and runners enjoy. Currently, the entire Geneva Lake shoreline is publicly accessible.


To walk the entire path, it would take a speed walker around 8 hours and with the normal walker ranging between 10-14 hours. With such a time dedication we recommend splitting up the path into several shorter day hikes. These day hikes can be found an many of the available Lake Shore Path Guide Books. However, if you are the runner in the family a run around the whole path might be right up your alley!


Walking Tour Guide Books
Many of the mansions have history associated with them and Lake Shore Path walk tour books (Walk, Talk and Gawk, Touring the Geneva Lake Shore Path, Lake Geneva: The History and the Mystery) can be picked up at many of the retail shops and at the Chamber of Commerce to further enhance your walk. Many of the guides include numerous walks, full-color photos from the estates, area history/facts, and other points of interest. Also, many of the properties have on staff professional landscapers and gardeners that have worked on several well-known parks such as Grant Park in Chicago and San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.


Path Conditions
Trail conditions include up and down hills with the actual trail be compromise of everything including but not limited to crushed gravel, dirt, bricks, grass, cement and inlaid limestone. With these conditions ranging from property to property it is necessary to always take notice of where you are stepping and to wear comfortable shoes.


The best part of the path is that it is completely free and no bikes are allowed which make it a perfect trail to comfortably take the whole family on! Just make sure to pack some water and snacks for longer hikes.

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